Why You Shouldn’t Ignore A Toothache

Your body is wired to tell you that something is wrong by the sensation of pain. If you are dealing with a toothache in the mouth that makes it difficult to rest or painful to eat, it is definitely a sign that a problem has developed that needs to be evaluated, diagnosed, and treated. While some patients will avoid calling the dentist when such problems arise, it is important that individuals do not ignore these symptoms. A toothache might be the sign of a serious problem that puts your smile at risk of permanent damage.

Serious Root Infections

The roots of your teeth are underneath the gumline and include the tooth’s dental pulp where the blood supply and nerves are. When a cavity or injury causes damage to the tooth roots, an infection may occur. Infections can become extremely severe and put the patient at risk of losing their natural tooth. In other situations, our team may be able to perform procedures such as root canal therapy to save the tooth from extraction.

Signs of a serious root infection includes:

  • Toothache
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Blisters on the soft tissues
  • Swollen gums or face

At any point that you notice discomfort or changes to your oral health, making an appointment with a dental professional is strongly recommended. A dentist can take x-rays and physically examine the area to determine what the problem is and how to fix it. Even if you have a cavity that is causing the toothache and sensitivity, fillings are recommended as soon as possible to keep the decay from worsening and spreading deeper into the tooth. If a tooth cannot be saved with fillings or root canal therapy, it might need to be permanently extracted.

Contact A Dentist In The Area Of Webster, TX To Obtain A Proper Diagnosis

Don’t risk the health of your smile by ignoring signs of pain and discomfort in the mouth. It is vital that you connect with a dentist as soon as possible to obtain the care you need. Our team at Clear Lake Dental Care and Implant Center is located at 202 West Medical Center Boulevard and accepts new patients making appointments by calling (281) 557-8097.

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