Why Wait Any Longer? 3 Benefits Of Teeth In A Day

America wasn’t built-in a day, and you certainly can’t build a house in one, so why should your mouth be any different? With traditional dental implants, patients have to wait months until they get their smile back. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here at Clear Lake Dental Care, we offer our patients a procedure called “Teeth in a Day,” which allows our patient to defy the notion that you can’t have the perfect smile in just one day. So, what is Teeth in a Day and what are the unique benefits to them? Read on to learn more.

Benefit #1: They Prevent Bone Deterioration

You may not realize it, but your mouth relies on the presence of your teeth to support your jaw and facial structure. The longer your mouth sits without teeth in it, the more likely your gums and bones are going to deteriorate. Luckily, with Teeth in a Day, you won’t have to waste any time or risk the chance of deterioration.

Benefit #2: They Are Immediately Stable

Nothing is worse than getting dental implants only not to be able to use your new teeth due to instability. Luckily with Teeth in a Day, you can enjoy your teeth right away without having to wait any longer than you already have for that perfect smile.

Benefit #3: They Are Strong

One of the biggest complaints that people have with dentures is that they aren’t strong enough and they fall out after they bite into something like an apple. Luckily, with Teeth in a Day, we completely replace the dental roots and provide a strong anchor for replacement teeth— making sure that they are strong as ever in the process.

Teeth in a Day are a unique procedure that we offer our patients here at Clear Lake Dental. As an alternative to traditional dental implants, Teeth in a Day give patients the ability to chew and smile without any hesitation. If you would like to learn more about Teeth in a Day or to see if you are a suitable candidate, contact Clear Lake Dental Care today!

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