Why Regular Dental Cleanings Are So Important

When it comes to the American Dental Association’s recommendation for everyone to have their teeth professionally cleaned every six months, it’s a total suggestion that is up to the patients’ discretion, right? Although you have the ability to decide how often you should have your teeth cleaned, we don’t recommend that you take this suggestion lightly. So, why is it important for you to get your teeth professionally cleaned every six months? Let’s take a closer look.

Catches Problems Before They Get Worse

Much like with any part of your physical and oral health, the sooner we catch any oral issues, the easier it is for us to take care of them. During your bi-annual dental cleanings, we will not only clean your teeth, but we will also look for signs of decay, pre-cancer, disease, and more. If we do catch any of these issues in the early stages, it’s a lot easier or us to treat which makes it a lot easier for you as well.

Fights Off Cavities And Gum Disease

Whether you are the type of person who brushes their teeth twice a day or after every meal, plaque and bacteria can still form on your teeth. And when too much plaque builds up and turns into tartar, it can cause things like cavities and gum disease. With regular bi-annual cleanings, we cut down on the amount of tartar that has built up on your teeth by scraping it away— giving you a fresh start every six months.

Schedule A Consultation

If you can’t remember the last time you had your teeth professionally cleaned by Clear Lake Dental Care, it’s time to schedule a cleaning. To learn more about dental cleanings or to schedule one for yourself, contact our Webster office today and call (832) 479-4676.

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