Tricks To Fight Sugar Cravings

You don’t need to cut out all sugar in your life in order to live healthier and keep your smile in better shape, but you should definitely cut down on it if you think you’re eating too much lately. If you feel like you have more candy wrappers in your car and more donuts in your diet lately than anything, then it’s time to fight those sugar cravings.


Drink More Water


Water is a great way to fight all sorts of cravings. When you fill up on water, you are less hungry which means that you are less likely to want any of that sugar. Plus, water is also good for your mouth because it helps speed up your mouth’s production of saliva which, in turn, helps you to get rid of cavities.




The hardest part of cutting down on sugar is detoxing from it. Try for a few weeks to slowly ease your way off of sugar. For instance, if you normally have a dessert at night after dinner, try to just have dessert on the weekends. The longer that your body goes without sugar for, the more likely that you are going to keep craving it and the easier it will be to say n to all of the sweet treats hanging around.


Try Chewing Gum During Cravings


If you are having a mad craving for a dessert of some candy, try to cure that craving with some sugar-free flavored gum. No, you don’t have to go with the traditional mint gum, instead, you can choose a fruity flavor to satisfy your cravings.


One of the best ways to keep your teeth shiny and healthy is to cut down on how much sugar you eat. To learn more about how to take better care of your smile or to schedule an appointment with us, contact our Webster office at (832) 479-4676.

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