Start The School Year Off Right: 3 Smile Healthy Snacks

Whether you have a preschool-aged child, elementary-aged children, or if you are still in school yourself, one way to ensure that everyone starts the school off right is to eat well. Eating well won’t just give your brain and body the nourishment that it needs, but it will also help protect your oral health as well. Let’s take a closer look at a few tried and true snacks that are good for all parts of your body (including your smile).

Apple Slices

Apples aren’t just a gift to give to your child’s teacher, but they are something for everyone to snack on as well. Try sending your kids off to school with some sliced apples that they can munch on throughout the day or that they can eat at lunch. Apples are an all-natural way to scrub sugar and plaque off of your teeth by just biting into them.


You may think that since strawberries have seeds in them and they are right red that they may not do your mouth any favors, but you are wrong. Strawberries are naturally abrasive, which means that they are great at scrubbing your teeth. Plus, they contain malic acid, which will naturally whiten your teeth and leave them looking brighter than ever.


Carrots aren’t just good for vision, but they are good for your smile as well. Similar to apple slices, a carrots’ hard texture can help to naturally scrub your ids teeth to get rid of germs, bacteria, and anything else on them. Plus, they help to speed up your mouth’s natural production of saliva, which is another excellent way for you to get rid of germs and excess food.

Sending your kids off to school with healthy snacks can make just about every part of their body feel better. If you want to learn a little bit more, contact our Webster office today and give us a call at  (832) 479-4676.


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