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Emergencies never occur at convenient times, especially dental emergencies. Whether you experience a knocked out tooth or a cut on the soft tissues of the mouth, we can help. At Clear Lake Dental Care and Implant Center, we provide same-day care whenever possible for new and current patients of our practice. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, we invite you to visit our facility for immediate assistance.

Common Dental Emergencies

There are many situations where the smile may be impacted and require emergency dentistry. Below are just a few of the more common dental emergencies we see in our practice:

  • A severe toothache
  • Knocked out tooth/teeth
  • Lost crown, filling, or other restoration
  • Chipped/broken tooth
  • Concussed tooth
  • Broken/damaged partial or full denture

How To Avoid Dental Emergencies

There are some situations where we can help patients avoid dental emergencies in the first place. Of course, we are not always sure what to expect, and there are times when certain impact or trauma to the mouth cannot be planned or prepared for. Below are a few helpful hints to help protect the smile and reduce the risk of injury to the mouth:

  • Wear a mouthguard when participating in high-impact sports and other activities (i.e. skateboarding)
  • Avoid using your teeth to open items
  • Avoid chewing on hard or very sticky foods and candies that can cause breakage
  • Schedule routine cleanings and evaluations at the dentist to monitor for potential problems
  • Brush and floss the teeth every day to maintain good oral health and wellness at all times

Do I Need To Visit A Hospital Emergency Room Instead?

There are certain situations where we may encourage patients to visit the hospital emergency room versus visiting the dentist for emergency care. When patients call our office and describe their condition, we can make a recommendation as needed, especially if we are unable to provide same-day care.

Contact Clear Lake Dental Care And Implant Center

If you find yourself or a member of your family in need of emergency dentistry, call our practice at (281) 557-8097 for the first available appointment to assist. Our team can help patients in and around the community of Webster, TX regardless of if they have visited Clear Lake Dental Care and Implant Center before in the past.

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