Are Dental Implants Covered By Insurance?

A: More and more dental insurance companies are helping cover the cost of dental implants. Unfortunately, they don’t cover most of the cost—but they will help some.

Have you been told by your dentist that you should consider dental implants for your missing teeth? If so, you probably have a million questions regarding the process, the benefits, and most importantly— how you’re going to afford it.

We’ll be the first to tell you that getting dental implants in Webster is a significant investment. However, rather than an expense on dentures or a bridge that gives little return—dental implants are life-changing.

If you’re reading this article, then you’re aware of the impact this procedure can have on your life. You’ve accepted that, and that’s why you are searching to see if insurance will pay for dental implants in Webster.

It’s important to realize that whether your particular insurance provider helps with implants or not—there’s no better option. When you get quality dental implants in Webster, you’re joining the millions of patients that have changed their life with a new smile.

However, to understand why dental implants are worth the investment; insurance or not—you have to dig deeper.

Why You Might Need Dental Implants In Webster

Dental implants are the ultimate solution for missing teeth and look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. While the result of dental implants is universal, the reason why you might need them can vary. These are the most common reasons why dentists recommend dental implants to a patient:

Periodontal Disease Resulting In Tooth Loss

Obviously, tooth loss is at the top of the list, specifically loss due to periodontal disease. This is because periodontal disease is the top cause of tooth failure among adults. It can typically occur in adults between the ages of 30 and 40. However, with patients that don’t take care of their teeth, it can occur much earlier. Additionally, patients in poor general health with conditions such as diabetes, are also susceptible to periodontal disease.

Dental Trauma

Sometimes a tooth can get knocked out due to injury, often associated with contact sports or a car accident. In a small number of cases, the tooth can be re-implanted and heal up without issue. However, that requires near impossible timing to get to a dentist immediately following an accident.

Without a dental implant to replace the original tooth root, the jaw will deteriorate. This leads to a host of related issues dealing with bite issues, shifting of healthy teeth, and more.

Root Canal Failure

Root canals are a common procedure and enjoy a high success rate of over 94%. However, when they do fail, the tooth has an elevated vulnerability to infection and decay. Eventually, when the tooth does fail it will be painful and extraction will be needed. You can avoid the added pain and simply get an implant once it fails.

How Do I Know If My Insurance Covers Dental Implants?

As Dr. Das mentioned, it varies from policy to policy. Unfortunately, many dental insurance providers have deemed implants as purely cosmetic procedures. Therefore, many insurance companies offer no coverage for dental implants in Webster.

One easy way to find out is to contact your insurance carrier’s customer service or visit their website. It will list your coverages, limits, requirements, and deductibles.

What If I’m Not Covered?

If your insurance does not offer any coverage at all for dental implants in Webster, or they don’t cover enough—don’t panic.

We have many payment options at your disposal that can make your dental implants easier to afford. We offer financing from several reputable lenders that offer competitive rates and you can apply in minutes.


Our most popular lender with our patients is CareCredit. They offer same-as-cash plans for different terms and amounts. They’re also the most widely known and respected finance company for medical and dental procedures with a stellar reputation.

Lending Club

Another option is Lending Club, a traditional lender that offers a special finance plan for patients that includes:

  • No initial payment AND no payment for up to 6 weeks
  • Convenient no-interest plans are available
  • Affordable fixed rates: as low as 5.99%
  • No prepayment penalty permits total flexibility

Compassionate Finance

If your credit isn’t all that great, don’t worry—we’ve ALL been there. That doesn’t mean there aren’t options for you. For patients with lower credit scores who have trouble getting approved for most plans, we work with Compassionate Finance.

They are a specialty lender that offers less stringent approval requirements and offers affordable payment terms.

Why Clear Lake Dental Care For Dental Implants In Webster?

We know that in the world of cosmetic dentistry, Webster and the neighboring metro areas provide plenty of choices.

When it comes to choosing the right practice for dental implants, many factors will affect your decision on who you trust with something as important as your smile.  We are confident that Clear Lake Dental will be your top choice in the area. Backed by a well-vetted and talented team of professionals and support staff, our service and reputation are second to none. Give us a few minutes of your time and we’ll tell you why.

We’re A One-Stop-Shop

When you’re shopping dentists for dental implants to restore your smile you might be disappointed. Why? Because many dental practices will list dental implants on their website as one of their services. However, once you book the appointment and talk with the dentist, they then refer you to a prosthodontist. So, you wasted your time and could’ve just looked up a good prosthodontist yourself.

At Clear Lake Dental Care we handle everything from fillings to dental implants—right here in OUR OFFICE. We don’t ship you off to another dental clinic or surgery center, we take care of all your dental needs in-house.

We Use State-Of-The-Art Technology

To provide the best service possible, we’ve invested heavily into the latest and most sophisticated dental tech. Our goal is to give our team every advantage to ensure each procedure is as smooth as possible. Whether it’s a routine exam or a complex full mouth reconstruction you are in good hands.

Sadly, many dental clinics continue to rely on decades-old technology because it’s what they’re used to. But times change, technology advances and it makes procedures safer and with much better results. We’ve spent heavily on technology such as:

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays use 90% less radiation than traditional imaging and deliver results straight from the device to our computer.

3D CBCT Scans

A 3D CBCT scan is a type of x-ray that creates highly detailed, three-dimensional panoramic images. CBCT scans, also known as cone beam computed tomography, display cross-sections of the mouth. This imaging technique allows our staff to see anything that may be causing you dental issues. These issues can include your facial structure, nerve pathways, soft tissue, and teeth.

3D CBCT scans are most common in cosmetic, restoration, orthodontic or implant procedures because of the comprehensive view it provides. Benefits of using a 3D CBCT scan instead of a typical x-ray includes:

  • Accuracy
  • Minimal Radiation
  • Non-intrusive
  • Short scan time

Monitors In Every Operating Room

We’re a fully digital dental practice. That’s why in every operatory your hygienist and dentist can view your history, x-rays, even images taken with our intraoral camera. We don’t have to sift through paper charts and x-ray film because everything is at our fingertips throughout our offices. Plus, we can show you what we see with our intraoral camera and x-rays.

Come See Us For The Best Dental Implant Experience

If you are nervous about getting dental implants and want to make sure you’re in good hands—come see us. We’re more than happy to help you determine the right course of action for your situation.

Just contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

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