3 Halloween Treats Every Denture Wearer Should Avoid

If you wear traditional dentures, then you know that even though they allow you to restore your smile and your ability to chew again, they can still be a bit finicky. To ensure that your dentures stay in place this Halloween and don’t chafe or rub against your gums, we have created a list of three notorious Halloween treats that you may want to avoid.

Caramel Apples

When It comes to a deadly combo for dentures wearers, it can seem like caramel apples couldn’t be any worse. Although caramel apples are the perfect Halloween treat to indulge in, the sticky texture of the caramel combined with the hard to bite into texture of an apple, make them a major no-no for denture wearers. If, however, you absolutely can’t resist this sweet treat, then try cutting it into small bite-sized pieces.


Sticky, gooey, homemade taffy may have been your favorite treat growing up; especially around this time of year, but it’s definitely something that denture wearers should be aware of. Taffy is known for its extremely sticky texture which can make it hard for you to even chew properly with your dentures in.


Whether you prefer your popcorn covered in salt and drenched in butter or if you’d rather have some hot caramel poured over the top, popcorn is definitely something that you should avoid. Not only is popcorn hard to chew but it’s easy to get kernels lodged up in between your dentures and your gums which can cause a whole lot of chaffing and discomfort.

A happy Halloween can suddenly turn sour if you try these foods and are a dentures wearer. If you have a sweet tooth that you need to satisfy, try sticking to chocolate candy or something that’s easier to chew.

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